Terapeutiese perdryklasse by die Vriende van Magalies

Denise is n arbeidsterapeut  wat in Waverley bly.

Sy is ‘n praktiserende perde terapeut vir gestremde mense en sy bied terapeutiese perdryklasse aan vir gestremdes teen R100 per sessie.

Meer inligting:

Our purpose is to provide riders, with or without disabilities; with the wonderful therapeutic value horse riding has to offer.

Therapeutic horse riding makes a difference.

Our mission is to do a unique form of therapy on horseback for people with specific needs.  Different goals can be reached, e.g.

  • Improvement of muscle tone and strength
  • General balance improvement
  • Eye-muscles improvement – influence on reading
  • Increased attention span and concentration
  • Hyperactive children tend to calm down
  • Tactile system is stimulated
  • Emotional/behavior problems improve
  • Increased spatial and body awareness
  • Development of self-confidence and motivation
  • School performance can improve
  • Increased joint mobility and range of motion
  • Develops ability to organize and perform tasks in sequence (praxis)
  • Integration of the two hemispheres of the brain
  • Sensory integration takes place

Maximum vestibular stimulation through horse riding is combined with specific therapeutic exercises on horseback.

Therapeutic horse riding is a unique opportunity for the person with specific needs:

  • Therapy becomes a fun session
  • Nature is educational and is enjoyed
  • Horse riding skills are attained
  • Can be a sport

Kontak asseblief vir Denise Wasserfall om sessies te bespreek.

R100 per sessie.

Denise Wasserfall



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