Friends of Magalies Report on Pom Poms 2019

Dear Friends

In order to keep you updated with the activities of the Friends of Magalies, please see below a report from Hilko Lubbinge on the eradication of Pom Poms:

“Previously we reported on our actions to prevent Pom Pom weeds taking over our mountain. Sadly this has happened at many other nature areas in the Tshwane area. We are very pleased to report that where others have given up, we are winning the battle (at least in the areas we are aware of).

Infestations of Pom Poms above John Vorster High school have been eradicated. The same can be said in the area above 27th to 32rd avenue. The serious infestation of Pom Poms at Wonderboom High school that was out of control two years ago has been eradicated. The areas above 12 to 15th avenue are still problematic, but all flowers have been harvested and destroyed. The plants have been treated with pesticide. As a result of this effort we expect this area to be under control within the coming year.

The two photos below taken 2 years ago show the extent of the infestation against the palisade fence at John Vorster and what it was like at Wonderboom. 

The next photos show our team who spent 4 hours patrolling the 5km fence from John Vorster to Wonderboom, harvesting the flowers and spraying the plants. 

Most of these plants grow near the perimeter of the reserve. We suspect that most of the seeds come from stands where people are ignorant of the fact that these are weeds.

We would like to extend an invitation to everyone to be on the lookout for these weeds and support us in ridding the mountain and surrounding areas of this weed. This includes our urban areas as the seeds are dispersed by the wind. Please report any infestations. We welcome and will assist where possible and give advice solving this problem.”

With compliments from Hilko Lubbinge.

If you are willing to assist with the eradication of invasive species, please contact Hilko at

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